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Welcome to our site, Confront the Craze where we help you learn all about the top best vaporizers, cigarette rolling machines and electronic cigarettes available.  We have consulted with many users and have came up with the best reviews of these kind of products.We are currently preparing the site, however if you are looking for more information about vaporizers, click here.

There are a variety of vapes to choose from but it all depends on your taste, style and budget.  For those who don’t know what a vaporizer is, a vaporizer (also known as a vape) is a device where you put you can put your herbs and oils in and as it heats up, it turns into a vapor.  For more technical jargon, check it out here.

We also will have reviews on cigarette rolling machines.  You don’t hear a lot about these machines, but they are very handy and can easily save you money on buying cigarettes.  Yes, you can prepare your very own cigarettes in the comfort of your home!   Some of the most popular cig machines are Fresh Choice, Top-O-Matic and Powermatic to name a few.

And we also review electronic cigarettes or commonly known as e-cigs.  E-cigs have rapidly  become popular in the last couple of years or so.  You can now purchase e-cigs at the mall and gas stations.  E-cigs were first made in China and was introduced to the US market in 2007.  Many can be mistaken to look like cigarettes.  However, this is a tobacco-free product.  Electronic cigarettes are vaporizers.  Instead of burning tobacco, the mechanism heats up a liquid.  The liquid then turns into a vapor.  Some of the most common e-cigs we will be reviewing include Green Smoke, V2, South Beach Smoke, and Blu.

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